SUPCASE Moto X Hybrid Bumper Cases

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SUPCASE Moto X Hybrid Cases

SUPCASE has been making all sorts of hybrid cases for a variety of phones for a few years now, and they’re on the verge of releasing a new set of Moto X Cases that come in a variety of styles and colors.  This particular case is the Unicorn Beetle (don’t ask) and combines a hardened polycarbonate shell with a silicone TPU for versatile protection.

This hybrid case is built in a similar fashion to other Moto X Cases that utilize the thermopolyurethane and polycarbonate materials, opting for a hardened back with the soft, shock-absorbing sides that go around the device.  The polycarbonate used is a glossy finish and the main purpose of the material is to help reduce flex from the case, keeping your phone safe in the event of some kind of external pressure or force.  The TPU, which is basically the soft silicone-like material, would not be able to withstand the force alone and could lead to your Moto X getting crushed.  That’s why the polycarbonate is important with these styles of cases.

On the flip side, polycarbonate in itself is not that great when it comes to shock dampening.  It can definitely protect your phone from getting scratched and withstand outside pressure, but if you drop your Moto X in a pure polycarbonate or plastic case, a lot of the shock from the fall is transferred straight through to your phone which could still possibly damage it.  That’s where the TPU comes into play.  The TPU covers the edges of the device and also protrudes out front slightly, pretty much guaranteeing it’ll be the material absorbing the fall or drop.  If the phone manages to land flat on its back, the impact would be spread across the entire back of the case which would be good enough to usually prevent any damage from occurring.

As you’d expect on a case made specifically for the Moto X, there are cutouts, buttons, and other openings across all of the vital components of the device.  The buttons look as though they have a great feel to them and have been incorporated quite well into the bumper of the case.  With thicker cases like this one, it’s usually not the best idea to have an opening for the buttons because they might be difficult to get to.  Having buttons within the case itself is much more preferable.

Ergonomically, the case is designed for human grip.  The sides are textured and there are grooves on the sides as well, giving you a good gripping surface to make sure your device does not slip from your grasp.

SUPCASE is also throwing in a free Premium Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector, which is completely optional to use, but it will give you complete, all-around protection on your Moto X.  The type of screen protector is made to allow as much light through as possible, so there shouldn’t be too much of a noticeable difference in screen quality with it applied.

SUPCASE expects to begin shipping these out on August 25th, 2013, and they’re available in a huge variety of colors.  Order yours today!

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